Appalachian Trail [Map Pack Bundle]

$129.00 $195.00 -34% OFF

Appalachian Trail [Map Pack Bundle]

$129.00 $195.00 -34% OFF
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• Waterproof • Tear-Resistant • Topographic Maps

National Geographic released thirteen Topographic Map Guides covering the complete length of the Appalachian Trail. Setting the standard for accuracy and durability with valuable input from local land managers and trail experts these maps are laser focused on providing the tools needed for trail navigation. Each page includes a detailed topographic map and is centered on the trail and along the bottom of the page is a trail profile that shows the distance between shelters, camping areas, and trail access points. These thirteen products are available as a complete collection.

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Appalachian Trail Map Pack Bundle includes:

1501 :: Appalachian Trail, Springer Mountain to Davenport Gap [Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee]
1502 :: Appalachian Trail, Davenport Gap to Damascus [North Carolina, Tennessee]
1503 :: Appalachian Trail, Damascus to Bailey Gap [Virginia]
1504 :: Appalachian Trail, Bailey Gap to Calf Mountain [Virginia]
1505 :: Appalachian Trail, Calf Mountain to Raven Rock [Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland]
1506 :: Appalachian Trail, Raven Rock to Swatara Gap [Pennsylvania]
1507 :: Appalachian Trail, Swatara Gap to Delaware Water Gap [Pennsylvania]
1508 :: Appalachian Trail, Delaware Water Gap to Schaghticoke Mountain [New Jersey, New York]
1509 :: Appalachian Trail, Schaghticoke Mountain to East Mountain [Connecticut, Massachusetts]
1510 :: Appalachian Trail, East Mountain to Hanover [Vermont]
1511 :: Appalachian Trail, Hanover to Mount Carlo [New Hampshire]
1512 :: Appalachian Trail, Mount Carlo to Pleasant Pond [Maine]
1513 :: Appalachian Trail, Pleasant Pond to Katahdin [Maine]

More convenient and easier to use than folded maps, but just as compact and lightweight, National Geographic's Topographic Map Guide booklets are printed on "Backcountry Tough" waterproof, tear-resistant paper with stainless steel staples. A full UTM grid is printed on the map to aid with GPS navigation.

  • Each guide map is centered on the trail
  • All of the key trail features
  • Trail elevation profiles & resupply information

Folded Size: 4.25" x 9.25"
Scale: 1:63,360
Copyright Date: 2018
Weight: 60 oz
Page Count: 568


Each map can be viewed in detail. Ability to zoom, pan, and view details of map information and cartography. | Zoom application opens in new window.

Note: Best viewing experience "Desktop Browser". 






Mapping application allows users to search, pan, zoom and identify all trail maps in the collection.

Note: Best viewing experience "Desktop Browser" | Application opens in new window.

National Geographic Illustrated Trail Maps

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