Shipping Information

Orders are processed within 2-3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Tracking numbers will be available after 3-5 business days from the day the order was placed. You can expect your order to arrive within 7-14 days.

We do our best to keep items in stock, however customers order 24/7 from all over the United States and an item may be out of stock at the time your order goes through. No need to worry as we will work hard to fill your order as soon as possible. The majority of back ordered items get back in stock and ready to ship to you in  5-7 days.

Please note: If you purchased multiple items (example: trail map + travel map) then items in your order may be shipped separately. We want you to get your items as soon as possible, so we cover any additional shipping cost and ship each item to you as soon as it is available for shipping.

Shipping Special: **Free Shipping on all orders over $20.00 (Subject to change without notice)

Flat Rate Shipping Table: 

From Weight To Weight Shipping Cost
0.1 oz 6.4 oz $3.95
6.4 oz 9.6 oz $5.95
9.6 oz 13.0 oz $6.95
13.0 oz 1 lb $7.95
1 lb 2 lbs $9.95
2 lbs 3 lbs $11.95
3 lbs 4 lbs $13.95
4 lbs 5 lbs $15.95
5 lbs 6 lbs $17.95
6 lbs 7 lbs $19.95
7 lbs 8 lbs $21.95
8 lbs 9 lbs $23.95
9 lbs 10 lbs $25.95