Mount Waumbek Trail Map [Bundle] Map Map-N-Hike Longitude/Latitude (DMS) Digital Download
Mount Waumbek Trail Map [Bundle] from $1.00
Summit: Mount Waumbek Elevation: 4,006 ft AMC 4K Height Ranking: 46 Size: 8 1/2 x 11 Scale: 1:28,800 (1" = 2,400 Feet)  Three (3) Spatial Grid Options Available  Longitude/Latitude; DMS - Tic marks every 10" seconds New Hampshire State Plane; Feet - Tic marks every 1,000 feet Universal Transverse Mercator; Meters - Tic marks every 500 meters File Type: Digital Download (PDF) 6.4MB - Page Count (3)
Dedicated GPS receivers and cellphones are amazing tools, but should never be soley relied upon to find your way out of the wilderness. Never trust your life to a battery! Learn how to navigate with map and compass and remember " Hikes don't start at the trail head parking lot, they begin at home through proper preparation"
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